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July 25th, 2017

Summer is almost over and soon it will be back to school time! The Sunnyvale School District’s motto is “Learn today, lead tomorrow.” At The Vale, we love that focus. We know that good schools are a critical part of choosing where to purchase a new home. Landsea Homes chose Sunnyvale for the exceptional level of education that can be achieved here. The Sunnyvale School District believes every child is capable of learning. Through diligent testing and observation, their teachers assess student progress frequently so that they can see right away if children are learning, and alter teaching methods or provide interventions accordingly. This benefits students who need extra help, as well as those who are ready for greater challenges. The Sunnyvale School District uses the research-based Seven Correlates of Effective Schools as the framework for continuous improvement.

If you’re looking for school supplies in Sunnyvale, check out Office Depot and Michaels.